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Your Guide To A Better Anti-Aging Regime


Confused by the plethora of options, promises, and advertisements from the anti-aging industry? Thinking which brand product is right for you? Thinking what if the promises and advertisements are all lies?

This is something most users of anti-aging products go through. One of the obvious and essential elements to keep in mind is that these anti-aging products can be the complex combination of chemicals. Though the current scientific thinking is that many of the chemicals found in these products are safe to use, it would be good to know that not all good chemicals are equally effective for each and every consumer.


Active ingredients are the key word here. The term active ingredients refer to those ingredients /chemicals that are scientifically proven to have the effects that are being touted in advertisements and on the label. To produce the desired effect, these active ingredients need to be available in the product to a specific amount. But in reality, many of the products might not contain these advertised active ingredients in enough amounts to be effective to the consumer.

As much as knowing the ingredients is important, it is also good to pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are listed. It might be a really surprising fact for you that the ingredients in each product are listed in their order of prominence i.e., the first item in the given list is the highly concentrated ingredient in the product.

 Though there are hundreds of chemical ingredients that are being used in anti-aging products there is only a handful that is clinically proven to be effective in controlling or at least slowing down the aging process.


Natural and organic products are sought after pertaining to the understanding that they safer, yet they come with their own set of problems. None of the organic or natural products are required to go through the strict scrutiny of scientific investigation to evaluate their efficacy. Many of the natural and organic brands contain certain fragrances and essential oils that can cause allergy, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Price isn’t what determines quality

 One of the most important aspects of anti-aging products is that their price doesn’t determine their quality. As a beginner in using anti-aging products, it will take some time and various products, for you to know what really works for you and what doesn’t. So it’s better to not limit yourself to expensive products alone. More over price alone isn’t the defining factor in quality and effectiveness of a product.


Know your Skin Type


One of the key factors to keep in mind while purchasing any product that has external application is your skin type; anti-aging products are no different. Preferably, you should go for a product that is particularly formulated for your skin type, e.g., if you have oily skin, you should only buy and use anti-aging products made specifically for oily skin.

Patience becomes the Key

Expecting the anti-aging product to work right away is as unrealistic as hoping the sapling would grow into a tree in a day. Wrinkles or skin deterioration didn’t happen over night, although it might seem like they have, so making them go away or at least partially disappear will take some time. A regular and consistent skin care regime that comprises of cleansing and hydrating every day will sure give you noticeable results.

 As discussed in the above article, this anti-aging scene is full of misconceptions and misunderstandings. Acquiring right and critical information on the products and its ingredients makes a huge difference.